Danny Burstein asks an interesting quest ... / 2010-10-05

2010-10-05 Danny Burstein asks an interesting quest ... 9 years ago
Danny Burstein asks an interesting question in comp.risks:
And once again we're treated to a malware warning, make that a near hysterical warning (especially the way it was covered by the mass media) which leaves out a key point, namely which computer operating systems and software packages are potentially affected.

When there's a safety concern with cars, there's no reluctance in publicizing the brand name. Even when the company is a major advertiser.

Why do we see so much hesitation in computer issues?
An interesting question. You don't hear mainstream news telling another microsoft windows virus is doing the rounds.

AdB once had a very good idea, putting warnings on windows software boxes just like on cigarette boxes:

If only certain other packaging had to devote half the front panel
to a huge black-and-white ``WINDOWS BOTNETS''.  Sure, verbification
weirds language, but given that the remaining space is being given over
to M$'s marketing department, it should fit right in.

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