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2010-10-09 There is a large spam network behind thi ... 9 years ago
There is a large spam network behind this money mule recruitment spam doing the rounds:
Building & Investment Company is pleased to offer you an excellent-paid part-time vacancy for the position of Administrative Assistant(Representative). You would work from the comfort of your home office or in our office, it would depend on your choice.
I'm receiving it on several addresses from all over the world, which shows there is a serious spam network behind this. The fact that whoever mails this is in such a need of money mules in the Netherlands shows that there is a bigger criminal organisation behind it.

Don't fall for it: you will be assisting in crime.

In het kort: dit is werk als 'money mule' en dat is een gegarandeerde manier om een veroordeling voor fraude op te lopen. Doe het niet.

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