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2010-10-22 A very nice example of "why let facts ge ... 9 years ago
A very nice example of "why let facts get in the way of a good story": Google mapping team gets 'lost'.
EVEN the boffins behind Google's revolutionary Street View can get LOST.

This employee was snapped reading a roadside MAP despite being on a mission to collect images for the world's most popular photographic database of towns and cities.

They were forced to pull over on the side of a remote stretch of road in Elsrijkdreef, near Amsterdam, where one of the team had to get out and consult a map as well as appearing to call for help.
With a photo credit(?) for Newsteam.co.uk.

Image (C) google streetview
The angle / view / granularity of the picture combined with the fact that the cars are not pulled over at all made me think it is a streetview photo itself and browsing around the Elsrijkdreef in Amsterdam shows this nicely: lots of images with three other streetview cars in the picture.

My best guess is that there were four streetview cars, with the picture from the first one and they passed a bystander who was peering at the map. I can duplicate the situation with streetview but I can't (at the moment) get the correct deeplink. So a screengrab will have to do.

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