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2010-10-27 I introduced a MediaWiki at work (scienc ... 10 years ago
I introduced a MediaWiki at work (science ict department) to use for internal documentation. One of the things I wanted to try is pages in the wiki created or maintained from other sources.

I created a special namespace for pages with information from other sources, where normal users have no rights to edit pages. This is to make sure nobody tries to edit something which is maintained by a script from another source.

I started with something simple: the list of printers. The windows printserver is leading, so I want to fetch the list there and massage it to generate a list of printers and comments. The weapon of choice is perl and MediaWiki::Bot. The output of smbclient -N -L printserver takes one regexp to find printqueuenames and descriptions. For the overview of cups queues I can parse the output of lpstat -a. With a bit more digging into IPP it should also be possible to get a list of details of printers to link cups queues and their windows counterparts.

I can run this script from crontab each day and the history tracking in MediaWiki will start to help document when something changed. Another thing which we can stop worrying about.

I have visions of the future of automatically linking zabbix (which has a json interface) and mediawiki and maybe a further future with a good database of stuff which is a source of entries in zabbix and the wiki. Double work is unneeded, computers are much better at working with one canonical source and importing that in a lot of places.

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