Interesting weather happening, windspeed ... / 2010-11-11

2010-11-11 Interesting weather happening, windspeed ... 9 years ago
Interesting weather happening, windspeed Northsea reported at 24 meter/second with 29 meter/second gusts (87 and 105 kilometer per hour).
Update 15:10 EHKV reporting ///42G64KT wind (78 kilometer per hour sustained, 119 kilometer per hour gust). Wind without direction isn't parsed correctly by Geo::METAR so the plot for 15:00 CET has no wind for EHKV.
Update Geo::METAR local version updated, /// is 'measurement broken'. But the plotscript still can't draw a windvane for that measurement.
Update 16:20 Last report from EHPG (hiding under the scale on EHPG 111425Z AUTO 20049G64KT 170V270 5000NDV -DZ FEW005/// BKN007/// OVC008/// 10/08 Q0978 49 knots, 64 knots gusts: 91 kilometer per hour sustained, 119 kilometer per hour gust. Windy! EHPG is oil platform P11-B. Maybe I should add a map 'Northsea' to the weather maps.

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