My best guess is that the interesting ip ... / 2010-11-24

2010-11-24 My best guess is that the interesting ip ... 9 years ago
My best guess is that the interesting ipv6 icmp traffic I mentioned before is part of the efforts of Akamai to build a 'performance map' of the IPv6 Internet, as mentioned in Akamai: Why our IPv6 upgrade is harder than Google's - Network World.
What we do in our mapping infrastructure is to build a performance map of the Internet. A lot of what we do for our content provider customers is provide superior performance by providing route optimization across the fabric of the 12,000 service providers that are the Internet.
So my old IPv6 nameserver address is part of this mapping effort. This traffic would stay under the radar if it wasn't the only traffic left on my old IPv6 tunnel link. My guess is based on the pattern in the addresses, and all whois records which give a detailed enough answer show Akamai.

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