Starting with the touchatag rfid reader / 2010-12-02

2010-12-02 Starting with the touchatag rfid reader 9 years ago
I received the touchatag rfid reader I ordered and started to play with it.

The touchatag is a ACS ACR122U.

First attempt: no go. I compiled libnfc and tried the test application:

$ ./nfc-list 
/home/koos/src/libnfc-1.3.9/examples/.libs/lt-nfc-list use libnfc 1.3.9 (r609)
lt-nfc-list: INFO: No device found.
A bit of searching found at last the problem in pcscd which does not like this particular reader:
00042283 ccid_usb.c:501:OpenUSBByName() Found Vendor/Product: 072F/2200 (ACS ACR122U PICC Interface)
00000009 ccid_usb.c:503:OpenUSBByName() Using USB bus/device: 005/022
00000006 ccid_usb.c:859:ccid_check_firmware() Firmware (1.00) is bogus! Upgrade the reader firmware or get a new reader.
I searched around and found the ACR122U drivers from the manufacturer ACS which include a linux pcsc driver. Compiled these and still got that same message. It took a bit of searching, but the file /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/ifd-ccid.bundle/Contents/info.Plist lists the USB ids for which the ccid driver in will be used, which includes 0x072F/0x2200. I removed this pair from the list, which is a bit of a hairy procedure as this is an xml file and the 'pair' is in two sets of strings. But then the ACS acsccid driver is used which works better:
nfc-list use libnfc 1.3.9 (r609)
Connected to NFC reader: ACS ACR122U 00 00 / ACR122U102 - PN532 v1.4 (0x07)
1 ISO14443A passive target(s) was found:
    ATQA (SENS_RES): 00  44  
       UID (NFCID1): 04  ac  12  91  21  25  80  
      SAK (SEL_RES): 00  

0 Felica (212 kbps) passive target(s) was found.

0 Felica (424 kbps) passive target(s) was found.

0 ISO14443B passive target(s) was found.
But this process is s-l-o-w with the ACS Linux 1.0.1 driver. With the 'beta' ACS 1.0.2 driver, this process is normal.

By the way: I indeed had tikitag/touchatag 04AC1291212580 on the reader.

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