Some updates to the document on using dy ... / 2011-01-14

2011-01-14 Some updates to the document on using dy ... 9 years ago
Some updates to the document on using dynamic dns for your own dynamic IP since someone reported problems getting it to run with bind 9.7. I could not reproduce the errors.

A bit of history there: the previous time I worked on that howto was in 2005 because I ported it from linuxdoc (sgml2html) to docbook (xmlto). And that document was worked on in 2001 and 2002. Funny to get a response in 2010 from someone still using it. And the original 'problem' was from June 2001 On the same day I got my casema account data so my cable modem is now working to September 2001: The cute feature of the webserver at home is that a nice dynamic dns hack is used in order to update the dns. And I switched to ADSL on 25 September 2001: Received the adsl stuff from xs4all.. more bandwidth for a better price (and xs4all as ISP-with-lots-of-clue).

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