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2011-02-15 Nice article: Nine traits of the veteran ... 9 years ago
Nice article: Nine traits of the veteran Unix admin by Paul Venezia. Checking my own style:
  1. sudo versus su - .. I'm no fan of sudo command ; sudo command ; sudo command so I lean towards sudo -i which is functionally the same as su -.
  2. vim or vi. Yes. Preferably vim.
  3. greedy or non-greedy regular expressions? That is a yes.
  4. smart and robust scripts for repeating tasks are so much better. Yes.
  5. oh yes.
  6. sometimes .. although repeated questions about the system environment also mean it may be way too complicated or the communications with your users suck.
  7. oh yes. Not only in unix admin work, also in security work.
  8. not commenting on this matter. yes.. on certain windows admin work, not on user interface annoyances
  9. rebooting isn't problem solving, it's bringing a system to a known state.

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