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2011-02-22 Found via Online Multiplayer Games On TI ...
Found via Online Multiplayer Games On TI Calculators? - Slashdot, CALCnet Chat! v1.0: IM and IRC for Calculators. This reminded me of my own entry into the arena of chat programs: NetCB which was for MS-DOS systems with Novell IPX networking and allowed people to simply chat.

Back then there were two kinds of responses to NetCB: school networks were any use of NetCB was reason for revoking accounts and such. I have received e-mails from students have done yard-work and other cleaning for using NetCB and were proud in reporting that to me. One sample of this can be found from old discussions on how to 'police' the network in bit.listserv.novell. But I found those discussions in the academic-freedom discussion archives Electronic Frontier Foundation academic freedom discussions

On Thu, 30 Jun 1994, Gys Driessen wrote:

> Hi Netters!
> Our faculty has this year for the first time started to use our
> network for tution. Some common problems which has arisen was the
> following:

> 6 Playing of Netcb. (Chat program which runs on ipx. User does not
>   need to be logged in.)
I remember being at the Hogeschool Utrecht myself were it soon got noticed that in the lunch breaks there were people using the room with the old XT computers on the network when the room with the 16 MHz 386 power monsters was filled. The XT computers were fast enough for NetCB.

The other response was from companies and such were NetCB was welcomed. Or certain universities:
I administer several Novell Networks at The University of Alabama in
Huntsville (in the southern U.S.). NetCB use spread like wildfire. It's
easy to use. It's fun. It's helpful! Thank you for such a gem of a program.

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