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2011-03-22 The UU has changed certain settings of t ... 9 years ago
The UU has changed certain settings of the Eduroam wireless network. And this change causes a problem with my Nokia E71. The change to the network includes a change in the certificate which has a different root certificate. I tried installing the AddTrust External CA Root certificate in the phone. It took me a while to find what the correct form of a certificate is: it has to be a DER format certificate and mime-type application/x-x509-ca-cert. To convert the certificate from the usual pem form I had to use:
openssl x509 -in AddTrust_External_CA_Root.pem -outform der -out AddTrust_External_CA_Root.crt
And download that .crt into the phone using the system browser. But even when I select that certificate for verifying the Eduroam network it fails at the moment.
Update 2011-03-23: Support had one look at the phone and decided to update the firmware first before trying to get eduroam running.
Update 2011-03-25: Updated firmware now gives me a working connection.

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