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2011-04-02 Project sundial, my project for a low-po ... 9 years ago
Project sundial, my project for a low-power weather-station / ntp server in the shed still lives. I have thought about the software setup and I think w1retap, developed for the Netley Marsh 1-wire weather station is an ideal candidate as it deals with the usb-1-wire interface without a hitch. But I want the project sundial 'computer' to be a minimal system and I want the data to be logged to the home server. So I checked whether w1retap can work in this setup. The simplest solution would be to use the postgres database on the server and install a postgres database on the client.

I can develop/debug this on the shednet computer and weather station. Time to whip out the plastic and order weather sensors at Hobby-boards. Ordered: USB 1-wire interface, barometer, thermometer and humidity sensor with needed powersupply and all with moisture-resistant coating.

The Netley Marsh weather station also has nice pictures how to house the outside weather sensors nicely. I'll use those as inspiration.
Update 2011-04-04: Order status: Processing...
Update 2011-04-07: Order status: Shipped...
Update 2011-04-28: Package received! It took a while.

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