Just did an interesting adjustment: move ... / 2011-05-01

2011-05-01 Just did an interesting adjustment: move ... 9 years ago
Just did an interesting adjustment: moved the solar sensor from the shade to the full sun. The readouts are interesting:
2011-05-01T14:02:00+0200 Solar 8.299400 mV
2011-05-01T14:04:00+0200 Solar 119.853104 mV
According to the w1retap documentation this means the sun power is 24.63 Watt/m^2 in the shade and 355.75 Watt/m^2 in the sun at the moment.
Update 2011-05-02: Mounting the solar sensor outside is a bit more 'interesting' as it has to look up at the sky (logically) but at the same time I want the other two sensors in that housing to be in the shade in the future 'weather hut'. I found a description of mounting a 1-wire hobby-board solar sensor which has a good suggestion. Downside is that I will need more space in our backyard for the 'weather experiments'.

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