With all the news about Dutch KPN doing ... / 2011-05-13

2011-05-13 With all the news about Dutch KPN doing ... 9 years ago
With all the news about Dutch KPN doing DPI (deep packet inspection) on its mobile IP users to find out how many users use WhatsApp instead of overpaying for SMS messages I ran across this declaration by AAISP in the UK:

AAISP: Real internet connection. Very clear on what they do:
We provide a real internet connection with our internet/broadband services. A real internet connection that IP packets from you get to where they should do, and IP packets to you get to you.
Too bad they don't offer broadband in the Netherlands. They would not be able to maintain the paragraph about lawful intercept in this country:
We have no so called black boxes to covertly monitor traffic and/or pass traffic monitoring to the authorities or anyone else. Obviously the law is such that we may have to add such black boxes, but we would resist as far as possible.
But otherwise they would fit nicely with 'real Internet' users in the Netherlands.

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