Interesting sequence of events: On 14 Ma ... / 2011-05-21

2011-05-21 Interesting sequence of events: On 14 Ma ... 9 years ago
Interesting sequence of events: On 14 May 2011 I get e-mail:
Dear Koos ********,

You've entered koos@******.** as the contact email address for your
Apple ID. To complete the process, we just need to verify that this
email address belongs to you. Simply click the link below and sign in
using your Apple ID and password.
Since I'm not giving my soul to Apple I didn't click that verification link. But now, 21 May 2011 I get this for the same address:
To: koos@******.**
Subject: ID:770-82605243 Apple AppStore Order Cancellation

Dear Apple AppStore Customer, Your Order ID:770-82605243 ([1]order status)
has been successfully canceled.  You can also contact Apple AppStore
Customer Service or visit online for more information.
With a url pointing at a website selling illegal drugs.

Pure coincidence or interesting data-loss stories coming up from Apple?

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