Exit KPN mobiel tv / dvb-h in the Nether ... / 2011-05-31

2011-05-31 Exit KPN mobiel tv / dvb-h in the Nether ...
Exit KPN mobiel tv / dvb-h in the Netherlands: I just did a dvb-t services scan and nothing is active on the frequencies the DVB-H service used. DVB-T reception log for 20110531. I expect the new multiplex to come up overnight.

Update 2011-06-01: Indeed, in the DVB-T reception log for 20110601 the old DVB-H frequency (522 MHz) is reused for the new multiplex. But a serious shuffle of services has happened too: the new multiplex lists:
SDT (actual TS)
        service = Nickelodeon/TeenNick (Digitenne)
        service = 13th Street (Digitenne)
        service = SLAM!TV (Digitenne)
        service = iTV Promo (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 1 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 2 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 3 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 4 (Digitenne)
BBC One and BBC Two have been put in another multiplex:
SDT (actual TS)
        service = Eredivisie Live 1 (Digitenne)
        service = Eredivisie 2/AT5 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC One (Digitenne)
        service = MTV (Digitenne)
        service = Animal Planet (Digitenne)
        service = CNN (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Two (Digitenne)
        service = National Geographic (Digitenne)
        service = BNR Nieuwsradio (Digitenne)
        service = Arrow Classic Rock (Digitenne)
        service = Radio 538 (Digitenne)
        service = SSU 1 (Digitenne)
        service = SSU 2 (Digitenne)
Or should I say 'crammed' : that's 8 tv services, 3 radio services and 2 data services in a QAM64 multiplex. I'll try to do measurements of the actual bitrates within the multiplex, but it can't be a lot per service.

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