DVB-T service scan today, with an inter ... / 2011-07-28

2011-07-28 DVB-T service scan today, with an inter ... 8 years ago
RTV Drenthe logo screen capture 2011-07-27 DVB-T service scan today, with an interesting service showing up:
tune to: QAM_AUTO f = 570000 kHz I999B8C999D999T999G999Y999 
(time: 10:52) set_frontend: using DVB API 5.1
>>> tuning status == 0x0f
>>> tuning status == 0x1f
SDT (actual TS)
        service = Nickelodeon/TeenNick (Digitenne)
        service = 13th Street (Digitenne)
        service = SLAM!TV (Digitenne)
        service = TV Drenthe  tijdelijk (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 1 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 2 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 3 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 4 (Digitenne)
Due to the recent transmitter tower collapse in Hoogersmilde RTV Drenthe is currently available FTA in the entire country on Digitenne. So I was able to make a screengrab.

One interesting side-effect was mentioned on the tx-list: RTV Drenthe was received in South-east London on 586Mhz (channel 35) on Thursday, over 300 kilometer from the intended service area. This is due to the signals from the Goes transmitter making it over the water.

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