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2011-08-03 Sometimes just trying to post a simple c ... 8 years ago
Sometimes just trying to post a simple comment on a website can lead to a programming project (just another one for the long long todo-list). I tried to post a comment on a blog and the option I wanted to use is OpenID for which I have set up phpMyID in the past. But this gave interesting errors from phpMyID:
Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: The session id contains illegal characters, valid characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and '-,' in /home/koos/public_html/MyID/MyID.php on line 1145
With debugging on, it seems the openid_assoc_handle is used as a session identifier to remove, which is (to me) weird. As the phpMyID page says, development is stopped so this error will probably not be fixed. I may have triggered it by previewing my comment a number of times.

The next option was to respond 'with a google account' but that actually means 'with the google blogspot identity' which links for me to which tells absolutely nothing since I don't use blogspot. I added a link to my homepage since that's where stuff really gathers.

In the long run, I'll have to run a better OpenID provider. No I am not going to use some on-line provider, I want the OpenID url to stay

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