Flying Wild Alaska, my opinion: For me, ... / 2011-09-15

2011-09-15 Flying Wild Alaska, my opinion: For me, ...5 years ago
Flying Wild Alaska, my opinion:

For me, it could do with less soap and more stunning Alaska images. But the whole reason I watch is those Alaska images, as I like Alaska the continent and planes are the way to get to some of the more remote parts.

The soap ("Oh no, the weather turned bad, now Era Alaska isn't making any money, visuals of planes on the ground and a sad look on the face of the owner" .. which I would call "normal risk of running this business, nothing new") could be less for me. But the stunning images of Alaska, the insight into the role planes have in day to day life in Alaska and the changes of the seasons make all up for this.

I hope they will make more seasons. Announcements on the discovery channel website look like they will.

I also hope for a 'how did we do this' episode. It's quite clear some interesting camerawork is done to create this series and I'd like for Discovery to have the honesty to do a bit about the setup, whether there is an extra film-crew plane flying to remote locations to get those landings and take-offs and whether the film crew gets a bit "Alaskan" too.

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