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2011-09-18 I am currently at a location where the w ... 8 years ago
I am currently at a location where the wardriving box has a problem uploading files automatically: The holiday park network needs the client to click 'OK' somewhere. I did not expect that for wired networks. The script which uploads the wardriving logs to my server assumes the network will allow ssh access after dhcp / router discovery has finished. Pressing OK in a browser is a bit complicated for this script.

In this case I worked around it by changing the ethernet address of my laptop to the same as the one for the wardrivebox. But I can imagine situations where one needs to get the data from the wardrivebox to somewhere else without using networking options. The other wardriving box user suggested using usb storage. This will take some programming, mainly in detecting the addition of the USB stick and starting events when that happens.


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