An interesting picture on top of the art ... / 2011-10-14

2011-10-14 An interesting picture on top of the art ...
An interesting picture on top of the article Get Hacked, Don't Tell: Drone Base Didn't Report Virus - Wired Danger Room, with just an image credit to the US Air Force.

I am very sure it is a US air force member in a phone exchange somewhere in the world. He is working on the main distribution frame (Nederlands: hoofdverdeler) and those wires (Dutch: kruisdraad) connect the exchange equipment to the outside wires.

The relevance to the story is not very clear to me: the story is about computer networks, drones and a virus.

I tried to look up the picture on the Official Site of the U.S. Air Force - Photos but couldn't. Search terms I used like 'phone' or 'network' gave lots of nice pictures, but not that specific one. I know the picture is from that site: the local filename on the wired site can be found in the large size archives: exists.

But I want to read the story behind that picture!

I did a traineeship with the Dutch phone company back in 1988 and spent some time in those distribution frames.

Update: Lazyweb Google+ helped: in response to me posting this to google+ : Wired used an US airforce stockphoto in the article Get Hacked, Don’t Tell: Drone Base Didn’t Report Virus Reinoud van Leeuwen found the source of the image in the story: Yokota Comm keeps interagency team connected during Operation Tomodachi - Yokota Air Base 7th picture.

The story:
YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan -- Airman 1st Class Nicholas Leon, 374th Communications Squadron cyber transport technician, connects a new Defense Switched Network line at the 374th CS building, Yokota Air Base, Japan, April 2, 2011. Airman Leon helped install additional DSN lines for easy communication with units temporarily assigned to Yokota AB for Operation Tomodachi. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse)
Kudos to Airman 1st Class Nicholas Leon of the 374th Communications Squadron.


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