Strong words from Lauren Weinstein: The ... / 2011-11-14

2011-11-14 Strong words from Lauren Weinstein: The ... 8 years ago
Strong words from Lauren Weinstein: The Coming Fascist Internet.
But with the fullness of time, the phone companies, cable companies, governments, and politicians galore came to most intensely pay attention to the Internet, as did the entertainment industry behemoths and a broad range of other "intellectual property" interests.

Their individual concerns actually vary widely at the detailed level, but in a broader context their goals are very much singular in focus.

They want to control the Internet. They want to control it utterly, completely, in every technologically possible detail (and it seems in various technically impossible ways as well).
Strong words, and quite USA-centric, but developments to keep an eye on. I don't always agree with his opinions, but this one about commercial and political pressure to restrict the openness of Internet to further those commercial and political goals is something I want to point people at.

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