Recently we had to move our computer sci ... / 2011-11-23

2011-11-23 Recently we had to move our computer sci ... 8 years ago
Recently we had to move our computer science server-room. Which was a project in itself, but as part of the move we had to move the 'time lab' to a different location because there is no antenna access in the new server-room.

That was the harder project. A new location had to be found, the antenna set up there, power and network made available. Antenna cabling wasn't the easiest part: N-connectors are hard to get right. As part of the move the IP of the public ntp server changed too: the load of requests has a noticeable influence on firewall performance. It's now behind a simpler firewall which does not attempt to keep state on ntp requests.

It's now up and running again, serving the correct time. Part of the NTP Pool, at the moment peaking at 445 requests per second.

If I ever need to use N-connectors for a transmitting antenna where actual power will cross the wires I will get help to get it connected to the cable. Getting that right is hard!

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