Tried to upgrade the firmware on the pur ... / 2011-11-25

2011-11-25 Tried to upgrade the firmware on the pur ... 8 years ago
Tried to upgrade the firmware on the pure one mini dab radio I bought a while ago. I needed a number of tips from PURE One Mini (War: Promo-DAB-Radios vom BR?) - Radioforum. It came with the 5.0_EU firmware, and I tried the 5.1_UK firmware first because I didn't see the 5.1_EU firmware via the english route on the pure support website. The above forum discussion links to the right version in german, which does have the 5.1_EU version. Next the 5.0_EU firmware didn't communicate with the radio. It took a bit of fiddling in windows to install the right usb driver from the 5.1_EU upgrader. After that the USB driver worked and allowed me to do the upgrade.

So my own misunderstandig of versions caused most of the problems, but now I am quite curious whether I get this right:
  • UK version supports DAB
  • EU version supports DAB and DAB+
  • FR version supports DAB and DMB-A
DMB-A and DAB+ both have licensing, so I can imagine Pure selecting the right software for the right part of the world.

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