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2011-12-14 After starting with using rdnssd to use ... 8 years ago
After starting with using rdnssd to use IPv6 resolvers on my laptop I sometimes note the following in the logs on the server:
Dec 14 17:55:24 greenblatt named[16213]: client fe80::21f:e1ff:fe45:2894%5#35985: query (cache) 'local/SOA/IN' denied
I guess my laptop uses link-local IPv6 addresses for the first few dns queries. Strange, because it only knows the address of the resolver because it has received a router announcement. The most logical explanation is that the system is still trying to detect duplicate addresses before actually assigning the global IP, but DNS traffic is already going out because some script in my browser is very anxious to fetch updates. Anyway, configuring the resolver to see fe80::/10 as a local network which is allowed to do queries does not help.

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