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2012-02-20 Interesting reading this weekend: Must-C ... 8 years ago
Interesting reading this weekend: Must-Complete Projects for Every Hardcore Tech Geek - Wired Gadget Lab. My version of this list:
  • [✓] Build a PC From Scratch .. I'm not sure I ever bought a completely installed PC.
  • [?] Overclock a PC or Mac .. I never tried anything with unsupported clock speeds, but I once replaced an Intel 8088 processor with a NEC V20 processor to get a Norton Sysindex rating of 1.6 (if I recall correctly).
  • [ ] Build a Robot or Drone Flying Machine. I have done other hardware projects, but nothing remote controlled / autonomous yet.
  • [ ] Hack Your Body With a Geek Tattoo. Not going to happen.
  • [✓] Live on Linux For at Least a Month. Euh, there are other options?
  • [✓] Perform Invasive Surgery on a Mobile Device. I've opened and repaired multiple mobile phones.
  • [✓] Create a Man Cave. It's more a (very messy) home office / computer room than a real 'man cave' and I may have to give it up when our son needs more than a baby room.
  • [✓] Carry Around Essential PC Apps on a USB Stick. I think it counts that I carried around a small box of 3.5" floppies ages ago. I guess "having ssh access to a known system" was enough.
  • [ ] Brew Your Own Beer or Distill Your Own Moonshine. Haven't done that.

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