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2012-03-11 Triggered by I killed the Internet - tnl ... 8 years ago
Triggered by I killed the Internet - I decided to have a look at the option of getting my own google+ postings and showing the results here on my pages just like I do for twitter. As you can see it is quite possible. Within the Google apis you can request google+ api access and get an access key. The Google+ api gives structured access to all information in JSON format. A bit of perl, with LWP::UserAgent and JSON later and I parse the google+ available data and put the needed information in a postgresql table which the homepage scripts can read from. It can use some improvement, such as showing attachments (links, pictures, shared posts) but this is a start.

This may look like "the wrong way around" from the viewpoint of the article, letting google+ have my data and pointing to it but at least google+ lets me liberate it and present it in the way I like, and will point back.

I wonder if I can do the same with LinkedIn. I got a bit annoyed that the 'amazon reading list' app on LinkedIn won't allow me to link directly to reviews on The Virtual Bookcase.

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