According to A topic about MTVNL on radi ... / 2012-03-24

2012-03-24 According to A topic about MTVNL on radi ...
According to A topic about MTVNL on radioforum (Dutch) MTVNL should be running the -3FM- service in DAB+ at the moment. This evening in a scan I find nothing at all. I expect either 11A (Hilversum) or 12B (Utrecht, in a previous test stronger than 12C..). DAB+ logo

Update 2012-03-25: The next afternoon I get MTVNL again with a running -3FM- service. And (very weak) both the DR Deutschland mux and the VRT DAB mux. Interesting propagation at the moment.

But when I had time to do a full scan MTVNL did not show up on the Noxon DAB stick at all and was very very weak on the pure one mini. My best guess: MTVNL is busy with testing and configuring. And I don't have a .dat file where -3FM- is a DAB+ service yet.

In the evening I get almost full signal on MTVNL again according to the Pure one mini, but with -3FM- giving minimal bits of audio here and there. Interesting testing going on at MTVNL! And I noticed during the scan the radio finds 3, 6, 15 services (the receiver doesn't show which channel it is scanning, but I guess with a linear scan means 3 MTVNL at 11A, 3 MTVNL at 12B and 9 Publieke omroep at 12C), but after the scan the MTVNL services only show once. I guess the radio detects certain identifying numbers being exactly the same and choosing the stronger version.

Update 2012-03-26:
-3FM- service in DAB+
Details of the -3FM- service on MTVNL: it's a DAB+ service now. I used Muxx Inspector to get service details.
Finally, the service running and time to do the scan with the Noxon software and check the results. Yes, it's the first DAB+ service in the Netherlands! The -3FM- service now runs smoothly, no interruptions in audio and quite a strong signal. I also noted services Visualradio and NL3 BIFS aren't available at the moment.

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