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2012-03-26 A to the point and not telling it nicey- ... 8 years ago
A to the point and not telling it nicey-nicey article: Yo mamma so stupid she gonna become an SEO consultant - Tom Morris. The main point being: Wikipedia has actual content which people want to visit. Something which the SEO insultants have a hard time understanding or accepting. As one person involved in the Wikimedia foundation writes at Oh those silly SEO folks - Philippe Beaudette:
Wikipedia content returns because of a couple of factors:

Hold on… this one's hard… There's a lot of content. Almost 4,000,000 articles on the English site alone. Yeah, statistically speaking, we’re gonna dominate.

It's generally high quality content. Argue if you want, but when's the last time (Wikipedians, you don't count for this one) that you saw … personally… incorrect information on a Wikipedia article? It happens, sure, but the community is pretty good at organically fixing it.
Although I am quite aware of articles that need fixing where I don't take on that task personally because I don't have the inspiration for the right words or I foresee Wikipedia administrators undoing my work.

As I commented:
I would like the "SEO consultants" to first find a way to discourage trackback spamming / link spamming / wiki spamming and other abuses that cost me actual work, then thinking about delivering actual high-quality content.

Dear SEO spammers whining about Wikipedia's Google ranking: we actively don't care. by David Gerard

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