Interesting use of an old(-ish) analog ... / 2012-04-15

2012-04-15 Interesting use of an old(-ish) analog ... 8 years ago
Cropped screengrab from playing videotape to a miro pctv card over RF Interesting use of an old(-ish) analog tv card: I plugged it into a newish computer to set it up to watch videotape. The chip on the card (Brook Tree Bt848) was recognized but the card itself wasn't recognized right away because the bttv driver really needs more information about the actual card in use. A module parameter needs to be set, a good explanation can be found at bttv page on MythTV wiki. I found the right parameter for the card, and it works. The xawtv application gave lots of errors, but that was mainly because the .app-defaults/Xawtv file (X resources for the application) was so 'old' (1998..) that it disabled all controls. The .xawtv file in my homedir also had old channel assignments from when I lived at a previous address and had cable TV in my 'computer room'.

Anyway, enough history, the card works although the antenna connector is flaky, but the RF output of the video cassette recorder is strong enough to overcome any signal leaks. I can watch some old videotape! Quality is, well, what I expect from a vhs tape and over an RF link. Interesting is that trying to watch video full-screen makes the video have interruptions. The image is a crop from a screengrab made in xawtv.

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