Updated the version number for my homepa ... / 2012-04-24

2012-04-24 Updated the version number for my homepa ... 8 years ago
Updated the version number for my homepage because I rewrote the logic behind it. Several gathering functions now gather information from multiple sources between the wanted start and end time and a different function feeds all this to predefined display functions per defined type of 'news'. The same code which does a selection of 'recent' for this page is reused to do that selection for a month: News archive 03/2012 or for a year. In the long run I think I want the month to be the 'standard' archive unit. The 'everything' archive is gone and News archive - Koos van den Hout now shows the list of all months you can try.

This all in perl, and with some interesting programming to make it all work. At the moment there are 4 active sources: the irregular files, the news items, tweets and googleplus items. But adding sources is simple.

I expected the processing time to decrease a bit because data is now not even gathered when it's outside the wanted window but I see no real change in those numbers.

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