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2012-05-10 Some downloads from websites hosted on m ...
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Some downloads from websites hosted on my ADSL link clog it a bit. Not for sites like this one, but for larger binary files that I just put up for a few hours for someone to download. So I'd like to limit the bandwidth. Some searching suggests mod_bw version 0.7 but I found it doesn't like IPv6 address ranges. Searching a bit more found a newer version (0.92) available at mod_bw downloads which works better.

Now to test it and see how my upstream bandwidth holds. So far it works in my tests, accessing content over the 1 megabit ADSL upstream leaves enough other bandwidth.

Update 2012-05-18: What works is limiting for outside visitors (good) but my home IPv6 range isn't seen as "unlimited" so I'm waiting for my own pages when accessing them over gigabit. Which is my own config error: the documentation states Order is relevant. First entries have precedence when configuring multiple IP ranges. Now my home range gets unlimited bandwidth correctly.

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