Recently I've been doing some audio reco ... / 2012-05-20

2012-05-20 Recently I've been doing some audio reco ... 8 years ago
Recently I've been doing some audio recording again for Chub Creek and this does scratch an age-old itch of me: making radio. The first audio cassette I made is filled with a "radio show" I taped with friends at primary school, when I was 9 or 10 years old. I need to digitize that tape and hope I can recover some of that. This itch for 'making radio' comes back from time to time, and the whole podcasting movement was a trigger to look closely again, with the options for recording and editing sound now available to anyone with a computer with a decent sound card.

So I try to find time to record some audio. And I bought some equipment to help record: first a Sennheiser headset with microphone. Later a Behringer Podcastudio with microphone, mixer, headphones and usb audio interface which also helps digitize my audio cassettes. A simple microphone arm was added to help the microphone being in the right place for me. And a microphone pop filter because the dynamic microphone needs me to be quite close and I want to avoid too much breathing and plopping noises.

I do look at nicer equipment from time to time (studio microphone with shockmount, small microphone with cover to record outside, more channels mixer..) but I intent to not invest in audio equipment until I feel more comfortable recording my own voice. That is one issue I have, I start to talk too fast and stumble over my own words when the recording is running. Which is where I need to learn how much I need to write down. Complete scripts word-for-word result in too fast speaking. Writing down nothing results in too much uh and eh or completely losing the idea of what I was going to tell. So, the right amount of script is still to be determined. And I need to practice, which is why I try to get more involved in podcasts and other recording projects.

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