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2012-08-07 Oh, the whole industry of 'search engine ... 7 years ago
Oh, the whole industry of 'search engine optimization' which is in my opinion a scam anyway, but some are more scammy than others. A really interesting spam came in about this, and I reproduce it like it shows in mutt:
Subject: [Webmaster] Google 1st Page Ranking otherwise Guaranteed Money Back

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*Hi There,

I am Jenny
Business Development (Manager),
We are offering Best Sales and Traffic Guaranty through our SEO and SMO
services in our committed time.  No Black Hat, No Spam work.
That's interesting, 'No Spam work', but you are sending this as the signature of an e-mail, which is usually a flag of abusing a webmail account of a third party. The signature is set once, and the spam goes out as a one-line message to each recipient. Searching for the name of the webmail account shows me some advance fee fraud mail (Nigerian scammers). So this 'no black hat, no spam work' SEO manager is associating with the finest in on-line fraud.

Oh and there is no website, nor a search term mentioned which should find it. How can you be a SEO scammer without having your own website which I should always be able to find with a search engine in one click?

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