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2012-08-15 Pure amusement: Mozilla bug 765645 – Mil ... 7 years ago
Pure amusement: Mozilla bug 765645 – Millions of web pages use the -moz-opacity:0.7 tag and in javascript. It's broken now since FF 13.01. Please can you "alias" it back into your main browser code. Thanks. someone who obviously did a lot of work on copying / creating his website with horrible colors, javascript and sound effects (for this reason I leave out the URL, it is mentioned in the bug report if you are interested) is dissappointed css parameter -moz-opacity is gone.. because it has been standardized to opacity. Now he has to spend hours of work finding all the places where he used this (.. style sheets have this option of being a separate file which you can reference from all pages) and he wants to invoice the mozilla foundation for his hard work which will take a lot of time since he's not a web developer.

By this logic, people who ran 'Internet Explorer only' websites should have been billed seriously.

Via Twitter Lea Verou: This is hilarious: Dude freaks out that -moz-opacity was removed, threatens to sue @Mozilla unless they pay $18,000

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