Want to pay 199 Euro for a worthless spa ... / 2012-08-31

2012-08-31 Want to pay 199 Euro for a worthless spa ... 8 years ago
Want to pay 199 Euro for a worthless spamlist? Email-Packs makes it possible.

I received spam this morning addressed to a (to me) completely unknown business name which I saw before in spam. The spam suggested the business would be in the local area of the sender in Flemish Belgium. So I replied to the sender asking where they got my address and other information. The answer came reasonably fast: the data comes from email-packs.com.

Browsing the site of email-packs makes it reasonably clear what their business model is: selling spamlists. The company that spammed me probably bought Email Packs Belgium for 199 euro. Email-packs has 'interesting' contact information: an address in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova with a +373 number. The 'more information regarding our products and/or our services' number is in France +33, but I have no idea whether a +33-1-8 number has to terminate in Paris or can be forwarded somewhere else, like Moldova.

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