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2012-10-05 I'm preparing a presentation and I got d ... 7 years ago
I'm preparing a presentation and I got distracted by the possibility of a remote presenter. Bluetooth presenters that act as a human input device are available but somewhat expensive for the few presentations I give. So I looked at the other option: use a mobile phone as bluetooth device. On the Nokia E71 a wireless presenter is included (WiPresenter) but it needs a local program on the laptop which only has versions for Windows. A bit of google searching found me Amora: A Mobile Remote Assistant, using a symbian60 phone as presenter on Linux.

It works, although I note something: the app wants to use the numeric keys but the keyboard is in normal mode, so I have to type function+number for special keys, but the middle key of the navigation pad works to get to the next slide. Now back to working on the presentation....

Update: Presentation went fine. Things I noticed about amora: the actions aren't noticed by the screensaver, so the laptop screen went dark a few times. Disabling your screensaver is always a good idea for presentations.

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