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2012-10-10 I sometimes rant about cycling on the ro ... 7 years ago
I sometimes rant about cycling on the road in the Netherlands, but other countries can make things much worse. This press release from the police in Victoria Australia illustrate how bad things can be in other countries: Vulnerable road users focus for police - Victoria Police news online.

Note the following:
“Cyclists make up almost half of all vulnerable road user injuries in and around Melbourne’s CBD and in around 75 per cent of cases, it’s car drivers who are at fault.

“This includes drivers failing to give way to cyclists at intersections, opening car doors into the path of cyclists and merging when unsafe.
Followed by the 'solution':
“We’ll be targeting offences such as disobeying traffic signals, not wearing a helmet, riding on a non shared footpath and motorcyclists riding in designated bicycle lanes to prevent the amount of road trauma involving vulnerable road users.”
So my interpretation is: most accidents involving vulnerable road users are caused by car drivers, so we start educating those vulnerable road users to keep more to the rules and ignore the cause and they write a press release about it without seeing the fault in their own logic.

Found via Cars are at fault in 75% of car/bicycle accidents. Yet VIC police launch operation targeting cyclists to improve safety

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