On a somewhat more shady site I get an a ... / 2012-11-27

2012-11-27 On a somewhat more shady site I get an a ... 7 years ago
On a somewhat more shady site I get an ad for software which thinks it can help me 'earn' by doing statistical analysis on on-line casinos.

This doesn't just smell like a scam, this smells like a load of scams together. On-line casinos are forbidden in this country anyway and just like the Las Vegas type casino the on-line casino will probably do a lot to stop visitors from having any advantage over the bank. So any service which suggest it can revert this openly without being blocked is unbelievable by default.

The scam is quite probably in that you have to start playing one of the on-line casinos via links in the program, so those are probably affiliate links and you're not winning a cent extra in the process but the maker of the software already earned his money. Or the casinos themselves want you to believe you can make money this way and created this software.

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