Today I programmed my scanner to listen ... / 2013-01-03

2013-01-03 Today I programmed my scanner to listen ... 6 years ago
Today I programmed my scanner to listen to the local repeaters PI3UTR and PI2NOS. It was clear both are available since January 1st 2013, it was quite busy with voice traffic on those frequencies. Interesting to hear reports of the possible range of those repeaters, the high mounting points of the antennas clearly help.

This is one point where updates to repeaterlists are needed. The official websites for both repeaters are up to date, but the Veron repeater list (Dutch) doesn't have a listing for PI3UTR data yet (I notified the Veron webmaster about this: constructive criticism works a lot better than just complaining). The repeater overview as part of the article at the Dutch wikipedia: Relaiszender (Dutch) has been updated with the latest. In contrast the 'official' overview by the regulator Agentschap Telecom at Onbemand frequentiegebruik (Dutch) hasn't been updated since August 2012.

Update 2012-01-05: The Veron repeaterlist is now updated (within 24 hours of my notification). Good work by the Veron webmaster team.

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