Interesting story: Ahmed Al-Khabaz expel ... / 2013-01-21

2013-01-21 Interesting story: Ahmed Al-Khabaz expel ... 6 years ago
Interesting story: Ahmed Al-Khabaz expelled from Dawson College after finding security flaw - National Post Canada. I can fully imagine the kind of thinking behind his actions "if I find this bug this simple, what can I find when I try it with security scanning software". I think some people at the software company / Dawson college overreacted.

From what I can see with a simple websearch there are hosts for several institutes in Canada, each with an IP at the institute, so it's not a centrally hosted application which makes the remarks by Edouard Taza, the president of Skytech confusing:
He said that this was the second time they had seen me in their logs, and what I was doing was a cyber attack
My sarcastic self wonders whether they report the attacks they get from abroad daily to the police with the same energy.

Update 2013-01-24: Lots of new details on this story, and I can imagine there being a lot more to this story than what is published. One interesting opinion set of opinions at: Student’s Expulsion Exposes Computer Science Culture Gap - Security Ledger where Chris Wysopal who learned security testing at L0pth Heavy Industries and Simonelis, Computer Science professor from Dawson college react with interesting points.

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