I just saw news that the PI3UTR repeater ... / 2013-01-21

2013-01-21 I just saw news that the PI3UTR repeater ... 7 years ago
I just saw news that the PI3UTR repeater had to reduce output power from 16 watt ERP to 4 watt ERP. I have heard people working that repeater from the north side of Belgium, from Germany and from South-east England, so the reach was indeed more than 'regional'.

Via @pi4utr: PI3UTR terug in vermogen op last van AT: Op last van Agentschap telecom is de "Mega Repeater" Pi3UTR terug ... http://www.pi4utr.nl/?p=5290 (Dutch article)
Remarkable is that an original announcement for PI3UTR lists 4 watt ERP as planned output power: PI3UTR word per 1 jan 2013 een Regio repeater - pi4utr.nl (Dutch)

Update 2013-01-24: Reception at home is more of a problem now. My Wouxon KG-UVD1P can receive it with lots of noise on the ground floor when I put the transceiver in just the right spot near the window. The Bearcat BC 120XLT scanner doesn't receive it at all. That same scanner has no problem receiving PI2NOS clearly, which is about the same distance from where we live, but with less buildings in the way. And 70cm has somewhat different properties than 2m.

Update 2013-01-27: Once again RF is magic: in the weekend the reception was somewhat easier on the ground floor. The receiver still has to be near the window. The interference I heard before on the first floor was gone now. Since that interference had a very regular pattern I guess it is some form of QRM (manmade interference).

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