Searching for source of interference and PLC network / 2013-03-09

2013-03-09 Searching for source of interference and PLC network
In the search for the source of the interference I do note the Devolo dlan powerline network has lousy performance when I compare the speed the devolo utilities say I will get compared to what iperf says:
koos@metcalfe:~$ dlanlist eth0
Type    MAC address        Mbps TX/RX       Version/Product
local   00:0B:3B:5F:95:AB  ---.-- / ---.--  INT6000-MAC-3-3-3348-00-2764-20080808-FINAL-B devolo dLAN 200 AVplus [MT2165]
remote  00:0B:3B:6F:AE:90   73.50 / 112.88  INT6000-MAC-3-3-3348-00-2764-20080808-FINAL-B
And from iperf:
[  3]  0.0-10.2 sec  1.43 MBytes  1.18 Mbits/sec
Interesting difference of opinion there, 73/112 megabit versus 1.18 megabit.

Update: it helps when I remember the setup of the system: I installed the wondershaper on that system which throttles bandwidth at .. 1 megabit. Re-running the test with the throttle disabled gives totally different results:
[  3]  0.0-120.1 sec    308 MBytes  21.5 Mbits/sec
Testing with udp gives even higher speeds:
[  3]  0.0-120.0 sec  1.34 GBytes  95.6 Mbits/sec
And in the other direction:
[  3]  0.0-120.3 sec    649 MBytes  45.2 Mbits/sec  0.204 ms 1075187/1538185 (70%)

Reception of 2 meter radio doesn't get worse/better during these tests. According to the devolo dlan 200 faq the devices work in the range of 0 to 30 MHz with notches for HF amateur frequencies. With the software defined radio I also see no change in the 2 meter band when running bandwidth tests. Which doesn't say a lot: I can't even find the output from PI3UTR at 145.625 MHz in the output plot, even with a receiver nearby receiving that same signal fine. The output plot does show APRS active on 144.800 MHz.

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