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2013-03-21 As I plan to combine recumbent bicycling ... 7 years ago
As I plan to combine recumbent bicycling and amateur radio I was wondering whether there are more people combining these two. I am aware of Rob PA3CNT, a Dutch recumbent cyclist who uses D-STAR and DPRS. A quick google search came up with some more, all of them in the US.

The Smell of Molten Projects in the Morning by Ed Nisley who does a lot of interesting stuff with amateur radio, recumbent bicycles and Linux. An agreeable set of choices!

Bicycling and Ham Radio - KD5LWU Ham Radio a post promoting combining recumbent bicycling and amateur radio on an otherwise dormant blog. He does link to the site of Steven K. Roberts The tools of technomadics who is the ultimate recumbent bicycle rider and amateur radio example. The articles I read about Steven K. Roberts and his book Computing Across America may have been an influence in my choice for recumbent cycling!

And mobile recumbent contacts (QSOs) are even a special category in this video by K6BBQ making contacts on a recumbent tricycle on a ride in the Bay Area in California, USA.

There is even a club for bicycling hams in the US: Bicycle Mobile Hams of America which I found via K0LEE Ham Page.

Wayne Estes W9AE also combines recumbent cycling with HF dx contacts.

Across this pages I do note that it described as 'bicycle mobile' and not as 'portable'. I was wondering about whether it would be mobile (/M) or portable (/P). I asked one of the amateurs listed above about this and he prefers 'bicycle mobile'.

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