Interesting research done by Ofcom (UK t ... / 2013-08-06

2013-08-06 Interesting research done by Ofcom (UK t ... 6 years ago
Interesting research done by Ofcom (UK telecoms and radio spectrum regulator) or rather by an Ofcom researcher in his spare time: Bloke in shed starts own DAB radio station - with Ofcom's blessing - The Register. An interesting article, and interesting research. I was aware this is technically possible as I follow, it is nice to see it all brought together, tested and described.

Interesting remark at the end:
Here at Vulture Central our first thought on reading the report (Small Scale DAB, The potential for lower-cost transmitting stations in support of DAB rollout - Ofcom report, PDF, surprisingly non-technical) was to wonder which pirate station will be the first to jump to digital.

Publication by Ofcom: Report on a possible low-cost DAB platform for small stations - Ofcom

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