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2013-08-09 I've been working on managing Linux syst ... 6 years ago
I've been working on managing Linux systems with puppet for a while. Until now puppet was a tool to manage part of the configuration with still work to be done on each host. But the last two weeks I worked on a (test) webserver completely configured from puppet. With a complete separation of configuration (from puppet), input data (web content), output data (logging) and installed applications it is possible to reduce a webserver to a puppet recipe and an amount of storage. This means adding new webservers to a cluster or rebuilding systems in the cluster is easy. As a test I 'broke' the webserver (wiped the disk), reinstalled basic CentOS (nothing configured) and let puppet deliver a running webserver again, all within 15 minutes.

The new bit for me was using puppet templates to write centos ifcfg-ethX files and apache virtualhost configurations. Apache virtualhosts get a number of parameters (the hostname, aliases, directory index settings, needing php, needing ssl). I started with different templates for 'real' virtualhosts and 'special' virtualhosts like a host which gives a 410 Gone error on all urls but I noticed the templates were still mostly the same so now the type of virtualhost is also set using variables and one template has conditional parts depending on the type of virtualhost.

This does mean I'm learning bits of Ruby, Yet Another Scripting Language (for me).

In general, using puppet makes it very easy to install/remove packages, add scripts, schedule tasks, configure the monitoring setup (zabbix) and do other 'checklist' items to each system in a consistent way. Which in my opinion improves security and general quality.

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