More and easy fun with the rtl-sdr stick ... / 2013-08-16

2013-08-16 More and easy fun with the rtl-sdr stick ... 6 years ago
More and easy fun with the rtl-sdr stick: receiving and decoding Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) data from airplanes. Airplanes above a certain size regularly broadcast their location/altitude/speed in a data format which other airplanes can receive and use in collision-avoidance systems.

I used no special antenna, just the 'tv antenna' that came with the dvb-t stick. The dump1090 application which can receive, decode and present the ADS-B data includes a webserver which shows the results on google maps. Results with pictures: success in decoding ads-b data using an rtl-sdr stick, the added TV antenna and the dump1090 software - Koos van den Hout on google+. Only downside that needs fixing: the included tcp networking code is IPv4-only.

Update: A bit of searching finds IPV6 support by proller Pull Request #25 antirez/dump1090 which fixes the lack of ipv6 support.

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