I tried JuiceSSH as an android ssh app. ... / 2013-09-07

2013-09-07 I tried JuiceSSH as an android ssh app. ... 6 years ago
I tried JuiceSSH as an android ssh app. It has a better on-screen keyboard than ConnectBot.

But. JuiceSSH promotes insecure use of SSH. JuiceSSH keeps the login-name, private key file and password together as an identity which can be used for multiple connections. I haven't used the option to save passwords as I don't use passwords for SSH connections. It offers to save the passphrase for a key when asking for it. I tapped this option by accident and found out it still asked for nothing when using the same connection the next day. Forgetting the remembered passphrase was only possible by removing the identity completely and recreating it, which also unlinks it from all connections.

I consider laptops, tablets and other portable devices easily stolen so this kind of insecure behaviour scares me. Back to ConnectBot and removing the public half of the key I generated for JuiceSSH from all systems.

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