Continuing the weatherstation installation / 2014-01-01

2014-01-01 Continuing the weatherstation installation
Current todo list new weatherstation installation on ritchie:
  • Set up udev rules for libusb access by non-root user so w1retap can run. Done, via a w1retap group. ✓
  • Get w1retap to run on the system. Done ✓
  • Get backups running using the amanda system. Done ✓
  • Add serial cable from alix1c COM2 header to outside. I found out that there are two types of cables for this and the "Intel" version won't work. So if the PC parts junkbox has these cables they still need to be tested. Done ✓
  • Get the conrad serial port weather station running on that port. Done ✓
That should get things moving to a level comparable to the current setup.

And the wishlist for improvements:
  • Something to put the system in so it is in a good place in the shed and somewhat shielded from temperature/humidity influences.
  • System statistics gathered. Wishlist: cpu load and states, processes, temperatures and voltages mainboard, temperature disk, entropy, ntp stats. ✓
  • Logging done in a way data will be on the home server and interruptions of the network link will be handled. I'm starting to use the term telemetry to describe this process of gathering timestamped data, preparing it for transmission over maybe flaky network links and processing it on the server. Partly done, some data is still gathered in the 'old' style.
  • A working gps receiver so it can work as a standalone time server.
  • Get the rain meter of the conrad weather station set up.
  • Get the wind speed meter (anemometer) of the conrad weather station set up.
  • Get the wind direction meter set up.
  • Upload the available weather information to the CWOP (citizen weather observatory program) using APRS-IS.

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