Listening to the International Space Station / 2014-04-14

2014-04-14 Listening to the International Space Station 6 years ago
This evening had no high Saudisat SO-50 passes at friendly times but it did have a nice overhead ISS pass around 22:15 localtime. I noticed the AFSK signal later than I expected according to the azimuth/elevation calculated by gpredict and reception stayed fine when gpredict said elevation had dropped to about 1 degree above the Eastern horizon. There are high buildings in this direction, so I guess the orbit has changed a bit compared to the latest data I had. AFSK reception was fine, maybe I should try to record the outgoing audio somehow so I can decode it later.

I have programmed the ISS region 2 voice frequency from the ISS Frequencies - ISS Fan Club into my radio so I could hear voice communications or even try to make a contact when the ISS is overhead. Reading the Recorded ISS radio contacts - ISS Fan Club page shows some radio amateurs have been trying that for 2 years before succeeding so it won't happen easily.

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